Customer care

A personalized approach

When you place an order

Our team contacts you to confirm your objectives . We validate that our study meets your needs and we fine tune the updating of our market reports to try and meet your needs.

When you receive your report

Once your report has been delivered, we contact you by phone to validate that the report has been useful to you.

To meet your expectations

Our clients have extremely diverse objectives. Meeting these needs with a single product is challenging. Once your order is placed, we contact you to validate that our reports correspond to your demand.

Is the data you are looking for included in our report?

To keep an attractive and single price on all our studies, we use expert skills mixed with thorough databases.

However, some data pieces might only be available through an extensive search process: competitive interviews, sector experts and leaders interviews or market share estimations. If the data you are looking for requires this type of work, we can propose you a personalized competitive budget and timing.

Please contact us here to know more about the data included in the report you are interested in.