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Our project: reinventing the market reports
We founded Businesscoot a few year ago on the statement that the current market report offer doesn’t meet the needs of the clients. The PDF format, navigation, ergonomy, scope or data presentation are market reports’ components that can be improved with digitalization.

Businesscoot started as a side project with two leaps of faith:

– There is a demand for shorter , more visual reports at a low price

– It is possible to produce qualitative reports with an network of freelance analysts, a robust methodology and thorough databases

In 2017, our website registered more than 250 000 visits. We are working with blue chip corporations, strategic consulting firms, entrepreneurs and mid sized companies.

On the basis of our first results, we decided to scale up in 2018.

Innovating on the market report production process
We set up an efficient production process to allow us to produce a high volume of reports on very focused market segments and many countries.

Analysts, tested and qualified by Businesscoot, produce and update our reports. Consult some of their profiles

Many existing reports and databases are made available for our analysts. Our database

A method and control to guarantee the quality of our reports. More info on our control

Our objectives for 2018:
Industrialize our processes and business model
Replicated our success in France in other countries (USA, Spain, Germany)
Launch the digital version of our market report
Keep on fine tuning our catalog
Our ambition is to propose a vast international range of market reports at an attractive price with a strong visual content to bring a clear and synthetic understanding of a market.

Digitalizing the market reports
Below are the 3 main items we are working on currently to digitalize market reports:

Leverage our network to drag expertise
The value of a report doesn’t rely only on the quality of the data but also on the expertise of the analysts processing this data. Digitalization with the expansion of social networks has considerably simplified the access to market expertise.

Growing this expertise at an international level is one of our current challenge.

Navigation and ergonomy
The massive quantity of information available is now an issue for companies and market report users. Information has to be clear, easy to read and mobile. Our objective is to create a digital market report that is intuitive, interactive and straight to the point.

Data management
With more data available and higher complexity, analyzing and understanding a market is more challenging. Digitalization helps automatizing the collection and processing of data so that our analysts spend more time creating value and finding expertise and exclusive content.

Our Team

Aymar Monnoyeur : Founder of Businesscoot, Aymar (Audencia) left his post of marketing and digital director of Aprolis to developp Businesscoot early 2018.


Raphaël Contet: Arrived in January, Raphaël ensures that our studies meet the expectations of our customers. As the first accelerator of the project, Raphael is also piloting the evolution of Businesscoot’s catalog of studies.


Hugo Schott :At Businesscoot since May, Hugo develops the network of freelance analysts and works on all Businesscoot growth issues (product, customer, acquisition, customer service, development).


Sébastien Wolff : Investisseur depuis le début de Businesscoot, Sébastien (HEC) suit le projet afin d’apporter son expertise dans les études de marché (Mars & Co. et 3i). Aujourd’hui spécialiste du retournement d’entreprises, il accompagne Businesscoot dans ses décisions stratégiques.


Sébastien Parizot : Expert in Symfony framework and based close to Lyon, Sébastien works on the technical part of Businesscoot since the beginning.


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